Thanks to successful publishing of a unique book on air gliding, our company has become the main promoter of the project ICADA.

This significant deed of our pioneers, the world champion Hana Zejdová and her father Vladislav Zejda, will have an undoubted practical impact on further possibilities of exploiting pure solar energy and clearing up meteorological effects in lower layers of atmosphere where the research carried out by human crews, and not disturbed by modern devices, has not been possible so far.

Hana and Vladislav Zejda have been working on the project ICADA for almost four decades. As the only sportsman in the Czech Republic Hana Zejdova has been awarded the Lilienthal medal for world records in air gliding. Closer details including technical descriptions of scheduled long-distance flights are in a popular way described in the book "Otto Lilienthal medal to Bohemia for the first time", and in the documentary "Per aspera ad astra", both in Czech-English version.

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